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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Corn tortillas from scratch/Home made corn tortillas

After a fantastic mexican salsa and juice post today I am posting the tortillas totally made from scratch.
Tortillas are a faltbread made with corn flour like rice flour chappathis (akki roti) in texture ,but more healthier than rice rotis.You can eat it with whatever veggies you have. You can make quesadillas ( A mexican version of grilled sandwich ) by placing a slice between two tortillas and grilling. If there are leftovers you can store them in the fridge and have them later.

I buy fresh tortillas (not frozen) and keep them in fridge and use them within a month. They last a long time.The store I buy them from is little farther from my place. I am too lazy to get it because its getting cold here. So I bought maseca flour from  one of the mexican stores. I tried making tortillas today and they turned out very well.

This recipe asks for tortilla maker. But I dont have one. Find my trick to make tortillas below

  • 3 cups corn flour(masaca)
  • around 3 cups water.
  • Little salt.
  • Combine the salt ,flour and water together and mix it well like a chapathi flour.

  • If you feel its too dry add little more water.
  • If you added more water then no worries add little flour.
  • Preparing the dough was the difficult part,if you got it right then your tortillas is almost done.

  • Cut a ziplock bag on two sealed sides (Do not cut all the three sides,cut only the sides)
  • Seperate the dough in to 18 pieces and roll them like a ball.
  • Grease the inside of the ziplock bag (both sides) with oil.
  • Place one ball in the middle and cover it with the other side(place the ball in between the two sides and center it)

  • Roll them until thin in a chappathi pen.

  • Carefully take out the upper part covering the tortillas and flip it in your palms . Remove the other side of  ziplock bag (now the tortilla will be in your hands)
  • Cook it in a hot griddle.

  • Turn it after 10 sec (you can see brown spots coming)
  • Press it down and cook the other side .During this time you get bubbles.
  • Turn one last time and cook for 10 sec .

  • Tortillas are ready .
  • We enjoyed it with beetroot chutney.
  • You can stuff it with pretty much anything.

  • Next time make tortillas fresh.
  • If you want you can make a bunch of them and store the extra ones in fridge.
  • If there is more water you can add some corn flour to it.
  • If the dough is dry add little more water.
  • Add some oil to ziplock for every tortillas.

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  1. Home made is always best....looks perfect..

  2. nice tortilla dear well prepared

  3. Tortilla looks nice, love the stuffing

  4. Wow corn tortillas! that looks yummy.

    1. As i promised i posted corn tortillas.Thanks sis for your encouragement.

  5. You sure know how to make the most awesome tortillas.

  6. Wow...they looks really really your procedural clicks too!!

    1. Thanks suja.Glad you liked it.Do keep in touch

  7. Beautifully made tortillas, very beautiful dear....

  8. Thanks linsy,bhawna,resna,priya,Nava,Arrthy for your lovely comments

  9. wow very well made tortilla's :) very well explained post dear !!


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