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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sathu Maavu Urundai | Health Mix Laddu

         Sathu Maavu - Indian health mix powder made using a mix of corn,Millet's,nuts and thickening agents like green gram,peanuts etc.Sathu maavu is easily available at any shops,But making own sathu maavu is always hygienic and more convenient to our likings.
sathu maavu urundai1

       My mom makes sathu maavu for me and pack it.Me and my daughter love sathu maavu in milk ,my husband never bothered about it all the time.When the mix is over, i never tried making it.This time i am determined to do sathu maavu,will share the recipe soon when i am making it.
      When i made this sathu maavu urundai fearing that year old maavu will go bad.I am little surprised to see my husband ate quite a few. Nuts and ghee would sure get kids to eat ,even if they don't like sathu maavu drink.Try to impress kids and adults by making this for their snack.Its easy to pack for a day outing without any mess.

  • If you are getting the health mix out ,check for any items you or your child is allergic to.
  • Its better to grind the health mix in machines ,which grind flour.(maavu mill)
  • If you prepare health mix in mixer, try to sieve the mix to bring the consistency.
  • Health mix is not suitable for kids under 1 years of age.It is difficult for the kids to digest Millet's included in health mix.So ask doctor or grandma about it.
  • If you are worried about sugar,add jaggery by melting and removing its impurities.
  • Ghee helps to bind the ingredients together and gives a nice aroma to urundai.So don't skip it.
  • If you are not able to make balls with the mentioned ghee,try to heat some more ghee and make balls when the health mix is warm.
  • If you don't have powdered sugar.You can do so in Indian mixer (mixer gets heated so stop often and check it is powdered).You can add cardamom to the sugar mix as well.
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sathu maavu urundai2

                                     Sathu Maavu Urundai | Health Mix Laddu

sathu maavu urundai                                How to make sathu maavu urundai

 Cuisine: Indian  Category:Snack  Serves:10   Prep time:5 minutes Cook time:5 minutes Total Time:20 minutes

  • 3/4 cup sathu maavu.
  • 3/4 cup powdered sugar(i added 1 tbsp less).
  • 5 tsp ghee.
  • few cashews or as needed.
  • 1/2 tsp cardamom powder.
How To make sathu maavu Urundai:
  • Mix sathu maavu and sugar together.
sathu maavu urundai3

  • Heat ghee until it smokes.
sathu maavu urundai4

  • Add cashews and fry it.
sathu maavu urundai5

  • Take the cashews out and add more ghee if needed.
  • Now add sathu maavu mix ,cashews and cardamom powder  to ghee and mix it for a second without burning.
sathu maavu urundai6

  • Turn off stove and take the pan out of stove top .When it is warm make it in to balls od desired size.
  • Sathu maavu urundai is ready.Enjoy!!

sathu maavu urundai8


  1. delicious looking laddoos... ur little one looks so scared picking them up! Hehe... I bet she had just finished or was ongoing a coloring session when you disturbed her! :P

  2. lovely and healthy dear

  3. Awesome maavu urundai Sathya!!

  4. Love these delicious laddus full of nutrition and yumminess. Earlier these laddus were made in my home only during religious fasts. But this is a wonderful idea to introduce healthy eating to kids and family through these laddus. Lovely dear.

  5. beautiful clicks.. when we prepare homemade ghee.. the left over ghee in the pan will be used for making this urandai. Thanks for reminding this :)

  6. This is indeed so healthy n yummy

  7. Wow ...lovely Sathu maavu Undai and good information about Sathu Maavu...

  8. Healthy sathu maavu laddus..

  9. It looks soooo delicious. I love these ladoos .

  10. Healthy and tasty laddoos..Love It!


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