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Friday, May 29, 2015

Nannari Sarbath Recipe | Summer Drinks

Nannari sarbath a delicious summer drink made with nannari syrup and sugar.Nannari sherbeth in lemon juice and water with 2-3 cubes of ice is sure a bliss in the hot summer afternoon.My family dont like commerically available drinks.We don't buy any of those drink ,they simply give empty calories and is the major cause of diabetics and obesity.

Previous year when we went to India i got a bottle of Nannari sarbath from Karaikudi and wanted to post the recipe for a long time.Its summer, sharbath is getting over and is high time i post now ,also give an information to readers how beneficial our traditional roots like nannari is.
Nannari root  also called sarasaparilla has high medicinal benefits like any other Indian traditional roots like turmeric.
  • Its a natural body coolant.In country side, you can clay pots (man panai) filled with water have nannari roots to rejuvenate body in hot summer.
  • Relieves inflammation or any irritation.
  • Nannari strengthens the immune system when you have physical weekeness due to illness.
  • Drinking nannari sherbeth relive body pain and it also relives urinary tract infection.
  • Nannari has yet more benefits like relieving constipation,acidity ,purifying blood

Where to buy nannari syrup or root:
Root is not available everywhere ,you have to shop them at country medical shop(naatu marundhu kadai).
Syrup/Sarbath is available in grocery shops.

You can also prepare nannari syrup yourself at house.Buy nannari root.Remove the inner white part and dry in sun(its easy to powder),Powder the root.Add it to boiled and cooled water.Keep it for 8 hours.Filter the water in thin muslin cloth.Nannari syrup ready.Add sugar or jaggery to water with few ice cubes,pour 2 tbsp of nannari syrup.Enjoy !!!
Looking for more summer drink ? check lemon sarbath,rose milk 
  • 1/4 nannari sarbath.
  • 3/4 water
  • 1 tsp lemon/lime juice
  • few ice cubes.
How to make Nannari sarbath:
  • Mix everything and pour in to serving glass.
  • Nannari sharbath is ready.Enjoy summer and be cool !!! 


  1. Thanks dear for introducing me to a new Sarbath. As you mentioned it's a good idea not to buy the ready made ones as they only leave extra calories behind and not any goodness. Beautifully explained benefits of Nannari. Very very nice.

  2. This drink is so refreshing. What we really need for the current hot weather.

  3. One of the best drinks during summer..i also keep the syrup handy at home these days..nice Sathya..

  4. Very refreshing sharbath!!....Homemade is always the best!!

  5. so refreshing ! perfect for this hot hot summer

  6. It's the official drink for summers at my place back home. mom makes it with roots. refreshing glass

  7. I have had this a couple of times from a family friends house... so refreshing...

  8. very refreshing sharbat recipe

  9. This is something new to me... loved it!!

  10. Awesome, refreshing summer drink! I miss this a lot...


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