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Friday, May 22, 2015

Bread Upma Recipe | Easy and Quick

      Bread Upma-This is the simplest of the upma you ever make.Now a days bread has become staple food everywhere.Kids like bread very much and its easy for moms to put together when kids are really hungry.
bread upma recipe

     Upma is instant food ,popular in South India for breakfast/dinner.There are many varieties like rava upma,semiya upma,poha upma,gothuma ravai upma,ragi upma but kids don't like them ,are they? So why can't we make upma with kids favourite bread? Making of bread upma is so easy when you have bread at home.Toast the bread ,cut it .Saute onions then the bread goes in.Does this sound quick ?Yes it is quick..Then try this at home

bread upma recipe1

                                      Bread Upma Recipe | Easy and Quick

Bread upma recipe                                  How to make bread upma

 Cuisine: Indian  Category:Breakfast  Serves:1   Prep time:5 minutes Cook time:10 minutes Total Time:15 minutes

  • 4 bread slices(i used whole wheat).
  • 1/2 onion(thinly chopped).
  • 1 green/red chili.
  • few curry leaves.
  • 1 tbsp oil.
  • Turmeric powder(optional).
  • few mustard seeds.
  • few urad dal(for crunchiness).
How to make bread upma:
  • Toast the bread slices in tava/dosa pan until crisp.Use 1 tsp of oil on both sides.
  • Slice them carefully .Don't press too hard slices will go thin.
bread upma recipe3

  • Add 2 tsp of oil to tava.
  • You can add tempering first add mustard seeds,let the seeds splutter.
bread upma recipe4

  • Then add urad dal,let urad dal changes colour.Urad dal gives crunchy bites when eating.You can add peanuts also if you like.
  • Now add curry leaves and chili.Careful while adding curry leaves.
bread upma recipe5

  • Add thinly sliced onions and chili and saute until onions turns traslucent.
  • Now add toasted bread slices and give them a toss.
bread upma recipe6

  • Tasty and quick bread upma is ready.Have it for breakfast or just have it as a snack with tea.
bread upma recipe2

  • You can use whatever bread variety available to you.If you are weight watcher use wheat bread.
  •  You can make even more quicker version by adding tempering and toasted bread.
  • To give a nice color to the bread you can add turmeric powder.But this will not work when the bread is made of whole wheat.


  1. Nice way to use stale bread..vth less spice kids also can have it

  2. Quick and delicious upma dear..perfect for breakfast

  3. Looks lovely! Perfect for snack time!

  4. I usually just add mustard seeds and jeera. Am going to try it out with onion and curry leaves. Your preparation looks so yummy.

  5. Oh! This upma looks so inviting and yum! I can finish that platter right now! :)

  6. This is one of our fav weekend breakfasts..loved ur version!!

  7. One of my favorite quick breakfast! love it!


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