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Sunday, May 31, 2015

How To Make Rice Flour At Home

       Rice flour -an essential ingredient for any Indian cooking,being rice the staple food.Rice flour can be prepared with raw  or boiled rice.Making of rice flour is not only easy,but it can surely bring freshness to the snack.
how to make rice flour

     Most of the Indian snack like seedai,kara sev,oma podi,murukku,bread pakora,bonda,poorna kolukattai needs rice flour.Where as breakfast items like rava dosa,idiyappam, puttu are also made with rice flour.Coarse rice flour(rice rava can be prepared in a jiffy compared to the rice flour) is used for rice upma or  modhagam .The method of preparation is same.Now a days rice flour is used in making bread and cakes as well.Isn't it interesting ?

Tips to make your rice flour better:
  •  Making of rice flour is easy in your Indian mixer,if you need less quantity. 
  •  If you want in bulk, use nearby flour mill.
  •  Prepare fresh rice flour, roast it until the flour is hot to prevent any spoilage.
  •  Dry the rice flour in shade until it is non-sticky.This may take 4-5 hours.
  • Draining the water completely will help drying faster.
  • Soaking the rice 2-3 hours will also help grind faster.
  • Try to stop the mixer inbetween to avoid lumps or rice sticking to the sides.

If you have rice grinder or coffee grinder this will help making rice flour at home without an Indian mixer.FYI: Making rice flour for chettinad idiyappam is with boiled rice.This same procedure is followed except those rice require flour mill for sure.Let see how i prepared rice flour.

                                             How To Make Rice Flour

how to make rice flour7                                  

 Cuisine: Indian  Category:How to  Yields:3 cups   Prep time:6 hours Cook time:nil Total Time:6 hours

  • Raw rice - 1 1/2 cups
  • Soak rice in water for 2 hours after washing it.
how to make rice flour1

  • Drain the water and spread the rice as a slingle layer on a cloth or newspaper.This step is to remove excess moisture in the rice.
how to make rice flour2

  • When the rice is non sticky and lost most of its moisture, its  ready for a grind.
how to make rice flour3

  • Grind it fine and sieve in thin sieve.Repeat this process for the entire batch.
how to make rice flour4

  • When you want to store the rice flour for sometime,dry roast until warm and store in airtight container.
how to make rice flour5


  1. Very useful post explained beautifully

  2. Home made is always best. ...was wondering how is boiled rice grounded to flour for chettinad idiyappam. ....boiled rice becomes paste when grinded.

    1. I haven't done it nushrath,Mom told me so.How will the boiled rice becomes paste?it has to become flour right ?You have to dry the rice after draining the water

  3. I always get my rice flour from back home and it lasts quite some time for me as I hardly cook with it... hehe... helpful post dear... :)

    1. I too use rice flour rare.But now a days i have to make something for snack,thats why i am making rice flour hehehe

  4. Very useful post priya!!....Usually I bring it from India but when it's done I too make my own flour:)

    1. Guess bloggers never buy anything outside hehehe

  5. very useful post Sathya.. I wanted to do but mostly my mum packs it for me :-)

  6. Very informative post..thanks for such a great share!!

  7. Good One!! Never tried making it at home. Will try making it soon.

    1. Thanks anto.Its a bit of work but you will love for sure.

  8. Very useful post, will come in handy during festive seasons!

  9. Great post. Very informative and useful :)

  10. Great step by step instructions! A very useful post :)

  11. this is such a useful post. Well done
    Totally love your recipe, got to give this a try!
    Super tempting pics :)

  12. innovative and helpful to many ..good work Sathya ...nicely done ..

  13. home mades r always d best...i prefer to buy out side a gud post dear..

  14. useful one..I too make my batch frequently :)


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