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Saturday, May 23, 2015

21 Rice Recipes - You Love To Cook

     Rice - a staple food of South India .Where ever we south Indians go, we need rice to finish off the day.A rice recipe is perfect for lunch box or weekend get together or for a lazy day.Yes !!! you don't need to prepare an elaborate meal like sambar,rasam,poriyal,kootu to accompany plain rice.
21 rice recipes

    Making variety rice can be comforting, it can be simple and is quick.Yes !!!  you can go for shopping and come back,cook a simple lunch like variety rice. You don't feel tired, at the same time rice makes you feel full.
Even mild rice like yogurt/Curd rice/Thayir will be perfect.
Rice recipes

    Sometimes variety rice like Bisibelabath offers everything you need from carbohydrates,protein,vegetables with the much needed spice and tang.
Rice recipes1

My first choice of rice when it comes to comfort meal is Puliyohare/puliyotharai/Tamarind rice.Its quick, comfortable and is authentic .Every south Indian have their family recipe,with some papad this puliyotharai taste great.Great for picnics or travel too.
Rice recipes2

When you have some carrots available in your pantry that calls your name to finish it off,make this simple Carrot rice.A colourful rice with carb and veggie,a mild spice rice your kids will love.
Rice recipes3

When its a weekend,every south Indian  need a rich  biryani.The word biryani itself will sedate them. Its another heaven ..This Vegetable biryani is made in pressure cooker ,no need to stand near the stove on a hot Sunny day.
Rice recipes44

My pick for a cozy,comfortable meal with veggies  is Vegetable pulao .Its made in pressure cooker and is rich,healthy with coconut paste.
Rice recipes5

Do you love green ? this Mint pulao must be your pick.A mild spice rice made with ground mint,coriander masala paste and basmati rice.
Rice recipes6

For mushroom lovers there is a simple Mushroom biryani made with coriander,mint paste and some spice powders.Perfect lunch box recipe that can be prepared in very less time.
Rice recipes7

If you love tomatoes then prepare this Tomato pulao.Ground coconut masala and pureed tomato paste take this rice to another level.

Rice recipes8

If you are bored of regular rice recipe then prepare this quick Vegetable fried rice with loaded vegetables.A colorful and simple fried rice.
Rice recipes9

Do you hate leftover rice?i do too.To finish off the leftovers prepare this Masala rice, a simple rice with masala and veggies .This can be prepared in under 20 min to fill your tummies.
Rice recipes10

If you love coconut then this Coconut rice can be your pick.Its so delicious with a spicy potato fry. The best lunch box recipe that can be cooked in 10 minutes.
Rice recipes11

Even lime/Lemon rice can be made in under 10 minutes for lunchbox.Best  c vitamin rich lemon rice goes well with potato fry or simple pickle.

Rice recipes12

Even desserts like Rock candy rice can be prepared with rice.This rice is so creamy and is sweet,it can beat a cake in sweet competition.
                                           Rice recipes13

Sweet pongal/Sakkarai Pongal a delicious sweet rice made with jaggery and ghee.One of the most favorite sweet rice recipe of south India.This rice is especially made during festivals.
Rice recipes14

Pongal a south Indian staple breakfast, similar to north Indian kichdi. Rich in protein and is quick.Making in pressure cooker saves you lot of time, temper with pepper,jeera,curry leaves and ginger ..done.
Rice recipes15

A north Indian Peas pulao/matar pulao is a simple lunch box recipe.With plain yogurt or some raita this rice taste great.
Rice recipes15

Mushroom fried rice- A simple ,quick meal with the flavors of mushroom and soy sauce.
Rice recipes16

Channa pulao a comfortable quick meal .Best served with plain yogurt or any raita .
Rice recipes17

Kondakadalai rice /chana chawal- a delicious rice that doesn't need any accompaniment.Protein packed and with greens.Its delicious ,simply !!!
Rice recipes18

Wait wait !! i am having a delicious,mouth watering Chicken dum biryani .A kerala style biryani that has no ready made masala powder.So make you biryani from scratch without any additives.

Rice recipes19


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