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Friday, May 1, 2015

Podi Idli | Kids Snack Idea | LeftOver Recipes

        Podi Idli a quick dinner or snack option with the leftover idli's.Leftovers are a big head ache for any women ,reason is either you like only fresh food or may be not in the mood to eat the same meal again.To make your meal interesting,healthy and look fresh you can make something out of leftovers. I often make chapathi noodles with the leftover chapathi's.If there is any leftover idli ,i make idly upma.But for idly upma, i have to make something as a side.This job become little hard ,when i am not in the mood to cook.
   Podi idli makes a tasty make over on the leftover idli's without any side dish(hehe).Podi is healthy with all the dal and protein.Pepper and jeera aids good digestion.So i make this for my daughter's lunch box.
     I usually do podi with little less salt so i added extra salt for the podi idli to taste best.You can add onions or green chili if you are making it for adults.

podi idli

                                Podi Idli |Kids Snack Ideas |LeftOver Recipes

Podi idli                                   How to make Podi idli 

 Cuisine: Indian  Category:breakfast | Snack |Dinner   Serves:1  Cook time:5 minutes   Prep time:nil

  • 2 Idli.
  • 3/4 tsp Podi.
  • 1 1/2 tsp oil.
  • few mustard seeds.
  • few urad dal.
  • few curry leaves.
  • Salt(optional)
podi idli1
How to Cook Podi Idli:
podi idli2

  • Chop the idli's or may be you can crush them too.
podi idli3

  • Tip: a small knife will do this job.
  • Keep everything ready before you switch on the flame.Because our podi is going to burn if you are in search of something after you add it to hot pan.
  • Add oil to pan.Add mustard seeds.
podi idli4

  • Let the mustard seeds splutter.
  • Add urad dal to oil.(urad dal give a nice crunch to podi idli).
podi idli5

  • Add curry leaves and hing.
  • Now add podi to the oil ,give a quick mix.
podi idli6

  • Add salt if desired.
  • Now add idli and give a stir.Let all the idli pieces get some podi.
podi idli7

  • Switch off and you can add some fresh coriander leaves, if you prefer.
  • Podi idli is ready to serve.No need of any side.If you prefer some side check all the side dish.
podi idli8


  1. Wow great value addition for left over idlis....... mouthwatering ones.... :)

  2. i too do this whenever i have some left over idlis..super recipe

  3. Perfect for kids.. looks yummy dear

  4. nice idea to finish off the idlis.. good one...

  5. Quick and simple recipe ,perfect snack for the kids.

  6. I need a batch for busy monday morning ... send some! Nice post on leftover idlis!


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