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Friday, May 8, 2015

Dates Milkshake Recipe| Indian Drinks

       Dates Milkshake a naturally sweetened thick milkshake.Here, dates acts as a natural sweetner.I prefer Dates over honey (a similar natural sweetner) because its easy to handle (hehe) and not too sticky.My kid is not fond of dates.phew !!! To include dates in her diet ,i make this dates milkshake.
Dates milkshake recipe1

     This Dates milkshake is easy and straight forward.Make variations to suit your taste buds/ diet.

Some variations to dates milkshake:

  • To make it to a fruity milkshake,add some apple or banana .
  • If you want your dates milkshake to be nutty,add some badam or cashews.
  • If you want to serve it for your guest after a heavy meal add some vanilla ice cream while blending.
Health benefits:

      Dates is known for its health benefits for treating anemia,it improves eye sight and is full of fiber.Most important of all it has got sweetness the natural way.Dates is a great energy booster too.Basically a good drink after a heavy workout.
Dates milkshake can be a filling breakfast,snack or dessert.
Dates milkshake recipe2

Similar milk based drinks Chocolate banana smoothie,Strawberry Milkshake If you want a homemade ice cream to add to this milkshake check easy Chocolate ice cream

                                                    Dates Milkshake Recipe | Indian Drinks

Dates milkshake recipe                                   How to make badam milk 

 Cuisine: Indian  Category:Drinks  Serves:2    Prep time:30 minutes hour  Cook time:milTotal Time:40 minutes

  • Milk :2 cups(whole milk to make a thicker milkshake).
  • 6 dates(pitted.If you get non-pitted one remove the seeds).
  • Water of soaked dates.
  • sugar/honey(optional).
How to make dates milkshake recipe:
  • Soak dates in hot water for 30 minutes.
  • Remove seeds, if you get a non-pitted dates.
  • Tear it to pieces and add little amount of  milk,soaked water to blender and blend to smooth paste.
  • If the dates are fully blended,add remaining milk and blend to get even consistency.
  • Add sugar,if in need(its not needed).
  • Dates milkshake is ready.Serve it cold with few ice cubes or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Dates milkshake recipe3

  • If you are in hurry and forgot to soak dates ,Chop it in to small pieces and blend it along with milk.
  • You can also soak the dates in hot water for quicker blending.
  • If you add cashew or badam while blending, soak the nuts along with dates.
  • For any milkshakes,cakes -dates can act as a natural sweetener,so go ahead and add some dates instead of sugar.
  • I usually boil the milk(even though its pasteurized) and cool it before i make milkshake.If you have pasteurized milk there is no need of boiling the milk.


  1. foamy and tasty shake.. perfect start for the day

  2. Oh love dates milk shake. So filling and delicious. Very healthy milk shake recipe Sathya.

  3. this is one of my favorite... add a few almonds while blitzing and it is just amazing!

  4. Yum to this inviting milkshake.

  5. Healthy and refreshing drink

  6. So delicious... i usually add apples and soaked badam too

  7. Such a power packed milkshake... one is enough for the breakfast :)


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